Liverpool and Pisa – Women in Fine Art

This stunning exhibition at the Palazzo Blu ( in Pisa, Italy – is a brilliant testament to one of the most influential female artists of the baroque period: Artemisia Gentileschi.


Susanna and the Elders is on display at the beautiful gallery this summer alongside twentieth century ballet and theatre costume designed by Anna Anni.

The show of incredible paintings by a female artist is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see great work by a traditionally male-dominated field, the 2010 show at the Walker ‘The Rise of Women Artists’ offered an interesting look at the role of gender in art. Angelica Kauffman helped found the Royal Academy in 1768 – but the next woman to be elected associate member was Annie Swynnerton in 1922.

Fortunately for those in Liverpool this year, ‘Jael and Sisera’ by Gentileschi is on loan from the Gallery of Fine Arts, Budapest and can be seen at the Walker until March of next year. This masterpiece from a historically significant and singular Italian female painter is a must-see for art lovers, and perhaps worth a visit to show support for Liverpool’s continued awareness and praise of less famous work.






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